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Tracey, your mindfulness course has really helped me to appreciate and be aware of my life, my environment and those around me in a way I wasn't before. Thank you.

K, Twickenham

I can’t recommend this course highly enough! It has helped me in so many ways. I’ve tried mindfulness on & off for years but never managed to make it a daily practice & part of my life. Now I can feel it’s influence on calming my reactions to stressful events & giving me the opportunity to pause & choose how to respond. Tracey is an amazing mindfulness coach. Her passion, knowledge of the subject & examples of how to incorporate it into everyday life are very inspiring.

S, Kent

Tracey delivered her well researched and helpfully practical mindfulness course, with warmth, clarity and an approachable down-to-earthness. Simply by integrating a few of the techniques she covered, into my day, I experienced myself as feeling calmer and being less reactive, in what was a busy, stressful week. I am feeling very grateful to have accessed this valuable resource. Thoroughly recommend!

S, St Margarets

Whether you are new or pro to mindfulness, this course will definitely be very useful for anyone regardless of your experience. Tracey is truly amazing and so inspirational as a leader and share so many of her own experiences. Tracey will explain and equip you with tools and methods how to keep you in the right frame of mind! I have learnt a lot and especially how to appreciate even the smallest things in life!

M, St Margarets

Tracey reintroduced me to Mindfulness and Meditation with simple and accessible practices over Zoom. I quickly reaped the benefits from the moment I joined in by listening and letting myself be open and non judgemental. 

At a very stressful and anxious time, my partaking in Tracey's sessions led me to feeling more in control, aware and able to make better choices and 'assessments,' of situations in my daily work and personal life. I have gained an invaluable 'toolbox' to ground myself wherever I am.

 Tracey has a very friendly delivery style and is open and understanding. Her passion for, dedication and knowledge of her practice is clear to see and fills me with confidence and admiration. I would definitely recommend Hummingbird. 

J, Birmingham

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